Ever wonder about your strengths? Ever wonder about your path?

You are invited to attend the Wonder:Fully Workshop.  The workshop will focus on you the person. In life we spend little time on the most important person…ourselves. Sounds selfish, but it’s the only person we can work on.

In the workshop, we will dive into your strengths and work on a dream sketch together. By doing this we see you, the whole person. By helping you see the person you are, it will help cause an impact on a bigger circle of helping family, community and the greater good.

The Wonder:Fully workshops are held at some REALLY fun locations!

When & Where?

All Wonder:Fully Workshops are 10A-2P



We’d love to have you at our next workshop. Please use the link below to send us an email to let us know you’re ready. We’ll take care of the rest! Thanks!