About Us

Contrary to the fictional character Gordon Gekko of the movie Wall Street, we believe greed is NOT good.

Social aspects of our business are just as important as profit. We strive to find the balance of business success, growth of our associates and their families, and community involvement/giving back.

The name Cara Zale is a tribute to the partners ancestry. Our immigrant families came to America from the windswept southern coast of Ireland and the central mountains of Lebanon to start a new life.

Specifically, to build a better future for their families and the next

generation. It is up to us, now, to pay forward this opportunity by

empowering people, growing leaders, and building strong communities.

We subscribe to the Golden Rule and aim to leave the world a better

place than when we got here.

Our Core Competencies

Our Guiding Principles

Great People. Social Change.

Anyone who is a part of a Cara Zale organization has the opportunity to self-develop, to become a better version of themselves, whatever that looks like to them.

Cara Zale offers the platform for them to discover that.

4 of 160 hours in each month are invested in your self development.